Praise for Heartwiring Healthcare Excellence

Excerpt from the Foreword

“The message of Beyond DisneyHeartwiring Healthcare Excellence is deceptively simple: By connecting deeply with patients through compassion and empathy, we empower them to heal themselves in partnership with their caregivers. This isn’t just about improving customer service or the patient experience — it’s about reinventing healthcare so that it’s human-centered, driven by compassion, and shaped by our shared experiences on this earth. It’s also about how the power of imagination and belief in our innate ability to heal can save lives.”

David T. Feinberg, MD, MBA
Vice President
Google Health

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“When we hired Fred Lee at Disney, it was to bring his healthcare perspective to our new program on delivering world-class service. Working with Fred was a life-changing experience. His insights have proven to be transformative to the healthcare industry, and I’m thrilled to see his continued thought leadership throughout Beyond Disney: Heartwiring Healthcare Excellence, written with Dr. Rosemary Laird. This new content is a long-overdue game-changer! Every healthcare leader who desires better patient outcomes and staff engagement should share these valuable insights on how to provide the most effective, compassionate care…and optimize the potential of your hospital!”

Mark David Jones
Former Disney Executive
President of Small World Alliance, Inc.
Orlando, Florida

“In my work with hospitals, I have long pointed out that research shows that the better the patient experience, the better the health outcomes. In Heartwiring Healthcare Excellence, the late, great Fred Lee and Dr. Rosemary DeAngelis Laird show why: the relationship that patients have with their providers—with every human being they encounter while under care—is a core part of the therapeutic process. Read this book fervently, thoroughly, and closely to Heartwire your experience.”

Joseph Pine II
Co-Author, The Experience Economy
Co-Founder, Strategic Horizon
Dellwood, Minnesota

“Fred Lee and Rosemary DeAngelis Laird, MD, have written another unforgettable, thought provoking masterpiece, following Lee’s highly acclaimed If Disney Ran Your Hospital: 9 ½ Things You Would Do Differently (2004). This time they focused on making empathetic care ‘heartwired’ into every process, system, and person who works in healthcare. How to sustain compassion when you are tired and at the end of your 12-hour shift? How to design better healthcare systems and processes that help us recharge our emotional energies to continue to offer that smile—the ultimate placebo that all humans can give to another? Find out about the four strategies to transform your team from ‘talking the talk’ to ‘walking the walk’.

There is so much to take away from this book: strategies and tactical plans for heartwiring compassionate, personalized care in individuals and in your organization, memorable quotes that will be used in presentation slide decks, human stories to share and reflect, how Schwartz Rounds, PDSA cycles, and TQM (Total Quality Management) all work alongside narrative medicine to provide more compassionate care for patients. I particularly love the Daisy Story describing a motivating exercise we can all do with our team in order to put ourselves in someone else’s shoes and the Stone Mason story for finding staff with more positive attitude.

This book is invaluable for all healthcare workers and carers who wish to continue to deliver high-quality patient care with big hearts. It is equally indispensable to all industries and business leaders who are looking to create a more personalized customer interaction that will generate great memories and stories that your customers will share for years to come.”

Sue Kong, MBA, MSc, Chartered Marketer (CIM)
National Health Service – Elect
London, United Kingdom

“Fred Lee was one of a kind: A world renowned author and speaker and—as is the fate of most of us—eventually, a patient. Fred filled a room with his presence and shared his passion for the patient experience with countless readers for decades. Fred’s message was simple, it was contagious, and it was an inspiration. He wanted every healthcare worker to look at our actions, our words, and our culture through the patient perspective. But this latest book, written with Dr. Rosemary DeAngelis Laird, goes further to challenge all of us to not only hardwire to get results but also “heartwire” our healthcare excellence by restoring the art of compassion and empathy.

I’m not surprised that Fred worked until the end of his life trying to make a difference for all of us by writing another book. Driving home the fact that quality care is not just about outcomes but also about how well we care about and with our patients. I’m also not surprised that he was able to pen this book with his own physician, Dr. Laird. Their book provides us insight into the power of how caregiver compassion and empathy can impact a patient mindset, decrease their fears, affect their outcomes, and hopefully help us remember the WHY of our work…our patient.

During these times in our world filled with fear and unknown, there is no better time for those of us in healthcare to slow down and create connections with our patients; anticipate their fears and help them feel safe. I can only imagine that the pride and joy that is generated in us as we provide compassion and empathy to our patients creates a win-win, possibly even preventing provider burnout. Thank you, Fred, for your mentorship and the legacy you left behind and Rosemary for carrying on that legacy of compassion and empathy.”

Katie Lydon MSN, RN, NE-BC, CPXP
Director, Women and Children’s Services
NorthBay Healthcare
NorthBay Healthcare Hospitals, Magnet Recognized®
Fairfield, California

“In times of budget- and regulation-driven healthcare, it is absolutely inspiring to read Heartwiring Healthcare Excellence: Restoring the Art of Compassion and Empathy, in which Fred Lee and Dr. Rosemary DeAngelis Laird guide us from hardwired healthcare to the concept of Heartwiring: The inclusion of Compassion plus Empathy into our patient-focused care, resulting in true caring, without losing sight of economic drivers.

While the authors provide robust scientific substantiation on everything they state, the book still reads like a page-turner.

A true masterpiece and a must-read for all involved in the care of fellow human beings.”

Jaap Verweij, MD, PhD
Dean of the Faculty of Medicine (Retired)
Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors (Retired)
Erasmus University Medical Center
Rotterdam, Netherlands

“The greatest thing a man can do is to leave a legacy of change, as Mother Teresa said, “I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples.” In Fred’s final treatise, Beyond Disney: Heartwiring Healthcare Excellence, he is creating a tsunami effect of Heart transplants and is the antidote to a stressed world and healthcare system. And as final gesture of paying it forward, Fred gives everybody, from the individual through the manager up to the C-Suite executive, the “Heartwiring Toolkit” to make the transplant easier. This book is the prescription for an ailing system and needs to be read and implemented now!”

Phillip Zinni III, DO, FAOASM, ATC
National Medical Director
Reno, Nevada

“Heartwiring Healthcare Excellence is a compelling tribute that is the antidote to provider burnout in this age of RVU-based quantification of productivity; is a re-focusing on patient-centered delivery of compassionate and empathetic care and experiencing the human dimension of medicine. Our motivation to create a positive therapeutic experience for the patient will play a significant role in the positive outcome we provide as healers. In fact, every outcome will be positive if it is heartwired, including end of life.”

David Michael, MD, FACOG
Chief Visionary
North Shore Pediatric Therapy
Des Plaines, Illinois

“Fred Lee has certainly planted many seeds around the world in how healthcare providers can take care of patients with compassion and empathy. Gratitude is the word that comes to my mind when I read this book, because his works always touch me and transform me as a professional and as a human being. Lee’s concepts reflect the way I aim to work. Therefore, I desire to spread and multiply his experience as an educator. After all, the important thing is to take care of our patients with Heartwiring Healthcare Excellence! Thank you very much. I´m elated to be part of this small, yet gratifying opportunity that will definitely spread innumerous fertile seeds in the worldwide.”

Regina Kaneko, RN, M.Sc.
Consultant and Director
Sao Paulo, Brazil

“After Fred Lee’s first book, many healthcare professionals opened their eyes for a better quality and outcome of care. Not by complicated management strategies but a patient-friendly, empathetic approach to patients. In addition, Fred had the gift to be a clear communicator transferring knowledge easily from the CEO to the cleaner. His posthumous book Heartwiring Healthcare Excellence written with Rosemary Laird, MD, is a clear deepening of this subject. Again, an excellently written book with a clear but, above all, simple message for every healthcare professional on how to improve outcome for patients. It shows: A Heartwiring approach is for free, but it becomes priceless when you practice it.”

Robert Slappendel, MD, PhD
Professor Safety and Quality in Healthcare
Tilburg, Netherlands

“Fred Lee’s If Disney Ran Your Hospital introduced us to a patient-centric journey for a better patient experience. Fred Lee and Rosemary DeAngelis Laird’s new book, Heartwiring Healthcare Excellence, takes us further on that journey. To be Heartwired is to know and use the patient’s story to provide quality care and to design a healthcare system that restores the art of compassion and empathy. It is another must read for every healthcare leader.”

Tony Bennett
Chief Executive Officer
Encompass Health Rehabilitation Hospital of Panama City
Panama City, Florida