Praise for If Disney Ran Your Hospital

“I still remember the first time I read Fred Lee’s If Disney Ran Your Hospital: 9 1/2 Things You Would Do Differently. It was 2007. I was stepping into the role of interim CEO of UCLA Health, and thinking about what it meant to deliver care that truly puts patients first. At the time, UCLA was renowned for its world-class physicians – but was ranked in the 38th percentile for patient satisfaction among US hospitals. Something was seriously wrong.

Fred’s book resonated with me, reinforcing what I’d learned during my years as a child and adolescent psychiatrist: You have to treat patients like people with real lives. You need to provide for the whole person, giving them engaging, compassionate — and yes, even delightful — experiences. Top-notch care alone isn’t enough to help people heal and move forward. And when you treat your patients that way, everybody wins. Which is why, when I picked up Fred’s book just as I was embarking on my transition at UCLA, I realized, “Yeah, this is exactly the same journey that we’re on.”

David T. Feinberg, MD, MBA, Vice President, Google Health
Former President & CEO, UCLA Health

“How to wow: delivering compassion in every emotional interaction

Fred Lee was ahead of his time when he wrote If Disney Ran Your Hospital in 2004 as he was the first to bring together the disciplines of customer experience and quality improvement in hospitals. These concepts are the yin and the yang of excellent patient care – patients may see improved clinical results on their discharge notes but the patients may not feel any better!

Lee recognized the perception of care, the genuine connection with every patient and their personal story create that all important pixie magic dust called trust. Without trust, you could be the best care giver in the world technically, but the patient would be withholding vital pieces of information in their medical history that would be critical to their prescribed medical plan, therefore affect the efficacy of their overall treatment.

The stories Lee told from his time working at Florida Hospital and Disney remain fresh and I continue to use in our patient experience workshops in the UK. Who can forget the porter who decided to speed up with his wheelchair before entering the Outpatients department to test his assumption that the patient’s perception is their reality? Or the welcoming Disney car park attendant striking up friendly conversation with each arrival by simply looking at the car bumper stickers and finding a way to connect and make their guest feel at ease.

If Disney Ran Your Hospital is a must read for everyone working in healthcare who are creating memories of excellent care experience for every patient in a consumerist age.”

Sue Kong
Director, National Health Service (NHS) – Elect
United Kingdom

“If Disney Ran Your Hospital contains timeless ideas for better patient experiences that Fred artfully correlates to better clinical outcomes. Our rehabilitation hospital embraced the ideals that Fred Lee personally presented to my entire hospital team a few years ago, and we have seen sustained improvement in patient experience scores as well as “Best in Class” employee engagement scores.”

Tony Bennett
Chief Executive Officer
Encompass Health Rehabilitation Hospital
of Panama City

“If you put on a name badge and cross the threshold of a healthcare system, whether you are the environmental service employee, the newest nurse, the most esteemed physician, or the most successful CEO this book, If Disney Ran Your Hospital, 9 ½ Things You Would Do Differently, is a must read. It is often cited that evidence generated through research takes 17 years to reach clinical practice…Fred Lee was awarded Book of the Year in 2005 from ACHE…what are you waiting for? You will be inspired to examine your work through the eyes and ears of your patient. Fred was a master storyteller and the clarity of his message and the connections he creates opens your eyes and your heart to have the energy to come back and make a difference.”

Katie Lydon MSN, RN, NE-BC, CPXP
Director, Women and Children’s Services
NorthBay Healthcare Group, Magnet Recognized®

“I have worked in the Veterinary Industry for almost 20 years. If Disney Ran Your Hospital could have just as easily been written for the veterinary health industry as the human health industry. In fact, it was at a Veterinary Conference in Florida where I first met Fred. I had the pleasure of meeting him in person and being able to tell him I literally had his book in my suitcase! It is not every day that you get to tell someone in person how much they have changed how you manage a hospital. Fred’s books help people implement more ‘humane’ protocols and policies starting in the first chapter. He provides the language and examples and leads you through a miraculous journey to where his extraordinary approach for humans and pets becomes ‘normal’ in your workplace.

I have been to Disneyland many times, and it is “The Happiest Place on Earth.” Fred makes your workplace “The Most Humane Place on Earth.”

I recommend his book almost daily to colleagues in the Veterinary field.”

Chantelle Percy
Former Veterinary Practice Manager
Pet Health Insurance National Team Leader

“When we hired Fred Lee at Disney, it was to bring his healthcare perspective to our new program on delivering world-class service. Working with Fred was a life-changing experience. His insights have proven to be transformative to the healthcare industry. If Disney Ran Your Hospital – 9 ½ Things You Would Do Differently is a game changer for every healthcare leader who desires better patient outcomes and staff engagement and shares these valuable insights on how to provide the most effective, compassionate care…and optimize the potential of your hospital!”

Mark David Jones
Former Disney Executive
President of Small World Alliance, Inc.

“Fred Lee’s message speaks to the heart of nursing leadership. This is exactly what nurse executives are looking for…a practical guide with vivid illustrations and profound insights that can be put to use immediately. It goes to the core of leadership in a healing organization.”

Pamela Thompson
CEO of the Association of Nurse Executives (retired) 

“When If Disney Ran Your Hospital…arrived, I skimmed it—like I do with more than 60 books a year. Then, on a coast-to-coast flight, I read every page with a hi-liter in hand. Uncommon wisdom, high-leverage advice. The book is now required reading for graduate students taking my course in health services marketing at the University of Washington. Bravo Fred!”

Dennis D. Pointer, PhD
Austin Ross Professor (retired)
Department of Health Services, University of Washington

“Fred Lee is exceptional! His real life experiences combined with his intellect, compassion, and courage create an unforgettable experience for anyone who hears his message.”

Kimberly Palazzi
JCAHO & Service Excellence Coordinator
Hunterdon Medical Center

“I wish I had read this book when I was a hospital CEO. I would have given one to every employee.”

Jerry Pogue
Publisher, Second River Healthcare

“Fred Lee is one of the most insightful people I know regarding leadership development and building customer loyalty. Our management team has rated him as one of the best speakers to ever present to our organization.”

R. Lynn Wilson
President & CEO, BryanLGH Health System (retired)

“I highly recommend Fred Lee to anyone who is serious about exceptional service. He has provided consultation and training to the employees, physicians and leadership of Metroplex Adventist Hospital for many years. His style of presentation is clear, practical and very effective.”

Ken Finch
Former President & CEO
Metroplex Adventist Hospital 

“This book is a must read for any healthcare provider, especially physicians. Fred Lee’s approach is direct and refreshing. It truly requires a cultural change for every department.”

Larry Sullivan, MD
Director of Emergency Services
Decatur General Hospital

“This groundbreaking work challenges several assumptions that have defined the customer service philosophy for healthcare. Filled with illuminating cases from the author’s and responsible ethics to define how those served by healthcare should be treated. I highly recommend it.”

James J. Londis, Ph.D
Director of Ethics and Corporate Integrity (retired)
Kettering Medical Center Network